White Buffalo Slot Machine

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White Buffalo Slot Machine Intro

Imagine the scene… The Great Plains. A thick snow layer covers them gently. And suddenly the buffaloes’ herd is running past you. Scared? No? Hey! You’re really tough! Then White Buffalo Slot Machine is made specially for you. Produced by Microgaming giants, this slot will surprise you with its convincing graphics and fabulous sound effects.

White Buffalo slots offers you 5 reels and 25 paylines. Visiting an online casino, you’ll manage to find this game in a no download version. What does it mean? You can just click the game and play the trial version without installing it at your computer.

Can see an interesting coin-like symbol that depicts a Buffalo with the landscape in brown colour? Well, lucky bargee, it’s a Wild symbol. This symbol is quite powerful as it can replace almost all the symbols in the game. Only Scatter symbol is far beyond its strength. To get the impressive prizes, you need to substitute 1 or more brown Buffaloes in the winning combination.

A White Buffalo’s Skull is the Scatter symbol. Looking so frightening, it as if says: ‘Be careful with me. If you manage to catch, then hold me tight!’ All Scatter symbols are scattered throughout the reels.

Hit 5 Scatters at one go and your total wager will be multiplied by 50 times. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? However, the main secret hidden behind the Skull symbol is its huge prize that you can try to gain. So, get ready to know it. The largest Skull treasure is… $7.500! Can hardly take it in? Oh, this isn’t all! Wait for jackpots and Bonus Feature!

White Buffalo Bonus Game
White Buffalo Free Spin Feature
White Buffalo Bonus Prize
White Buffalo Free Spin Feature

White Buffalo Slot Game Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

Coins can vary from $0.01 to $0.20 in their sizes. Having 25 lines, you may also variate and fix from 1 to 30 coins per each line. It’s allowed here. Make the minimum bet consisting of 25 coins per spin or the maximum one that is 750 coins. And start your lucky gambling.

The top of your good fortune is the wildest jackpot of 1,000 coins or $6,000. How to get it? Grasp 5 Wild symbols or 5 White Buffaloes and you’ll carry it with you. Just check for all 25 lines with 30 coins everywhere, the maximum bet and the most valuable coins to be specified at the game settings.

Be honest now. Would you like to stop the reels once as you have a nice winning combination at the reels? We believe you’ll agree with us that nobody can refuse it. Hurrah! White Buffalo slots gives you such an opportunity that is called ‘Stop Feature’. So take its maximum advantage and enjoy playing.

White Buffalo Slots Bonus Game

Ram, Elk, and Moose appeared at the reels and changed into White Buffaloes at once? That’s really great! It means that you’re privileged. The beasts decided to give you 6 Free Spins. It is called Big Game Free Spin Feature. In spite of its randomness, it’s even possible to take a chance of repeated 6 Free Spins.

White Buffalo slots will open the door into the magical world of snow, frost and dangerous, untamed animals. And it will depend just on you whether to keep it ajar or make it wide open for winning up to $7.500.


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